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What’s that saying that in Sports, it's 80 % Mental and 20% Physical?

The truth is that what separates the top athletes from the rest; it’s how they use what’s between their ears. The brain is more powerful than most people understand, and how athletes conduct themselves in the field, their use of body language, the way they think and talk to themselves, including how they handle negative intrusive thoughts, will make a huge difference in the game, not to mention the final score.

So how can athletes differentiate themselves as a cut above the rest? What tricks, mind hacking techniques, and strategies does one need in order to be the best?

The answer lies in another old saying, knowledge equals power. So why doesn’t every athlete focus as much on their mindset as they do on

their practices? Why is it that there are so many talented individuals that never triumph? Unfortunately many of these athletes don’t have the mindset that goes with their talent. They are endowed with physical talent that supersedes their peers, yet because of their lack of mental performance, they end up falling behind. Unfortunately most athletes are unaware of the very issues that prevent them from excelling.

Just as sports improve our mood, concentration, sleep, self-confidence, and several other useful and necessary cognitive functions, it also reduces stress and depression, which is a must for a fulfilling life. Sports also help our heart and keep our bodies at a healthy weight. The brain also benefits from being empowerment by restructuring and training it to stay positive, motivated, focused and concentrated. Our brains can also be trained and taught on how to avoid anxiety, how to maintain positivity and consistency by teaching it skills and strategies that foster mindfulness, self-confidence and peak performance to name just a few.

All in all, it is important to evaluate an athlete’s personality in order to best determine the program modality in order to help him or her succeed. The mental characteristics of any sport require a series of countless variables that come into play in order to maintain a high level of sportsmanship. For starters, athletes can struggle at times with the following:

  • Setting personal goals

  • Setting the objectives on how to achieve those goals

  • Balancing their lives between school and sports, or even work and sports

  • Discipline

  • Diligence

  • Perseverance

These are just few of the many mental components required for a successful future

Many athletes suffer from performance anxiety and lack the proper mindset needed in order to follow the right path. Yet, it is in this very same path that obstacles set in for many athletes bringing an end to their dreams and possibly their sports career. Some of these adversities include coping with pain and injuries, dealing with stress, substance abuse, or even a mental illness. Many athletes struggle with proper communication with their teammates and coaches.

In conclusion, the secret weapon that most athletes enjoy in their sports careers is having a Sports Mental Performance Coach. Because our brains are constantly working, and especially during challenging circumstances, just as we see in most sports. Knowing how to understand one’s mind during circumstances when an athlete is under pressure, confronting his opponent, in the midst of a game, in front of an audience, mental performance plays a vital role which will determine the difference between a successful athlete enjoying a successful game, or one struggling to make sense of his errors, repeated mistakes and most of all, sense of failure.


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