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From breaking bones to breaking records: An athlete's journey

“The bar is loaded with 567 pounds and one minute is on the clock.” The athlete approached the bar with intense energy and a calm focus. The crowd was roaring as he began the final deadlift of the day. Months of preparation, strength training and nutrition lead to this moment.

The athlete took a breath, griped the bar and began the movement. The weight bent the bar in his hands as he turned red in the face. As bar inched higher the announcer called out over the loudspeaker, “And the lift is…..GOOD!” The day ended with a new personal record of 567 pounds and an EARNED spot at the U.S. National Championship.

This was the feel good story of one athlete’s accomplishments, similar to stories we often hear. However, many athletes also face setbacks that are talked about far less often.

“Looking at the X-rays of your feet, you have multiple stress fractures - in both feet. You will need to wear walking casts until healed” said the doctor to a young athlete. The doctor’s tone shifted as he knew what came next would crush the athlete’s hopes, “That means no more sports, too.” The athlete began to wonder how they would ever overcome this setback.

Here are two different stories of the highs and lows many athletes face. But would you believe the athletes in each story are actually the same athlete? In fact, the athlete in each story is me.

Being injured meant my body needed nutrients to repair and recover. I began to see nutrition as a way to nourish my body and a way to fuel performance. This realization paid off when the casts were removed. Proper nutrition helped my body heal. I felt as strong as before the injury, felt BETTER than before, and noticed my sport performance increase like never before. I am confident that discovering nutrition at an early age was the driving force for this transformation.

As a lifelong athlete I have competed in:

  • Football

  • Soccer

  • Cross Country

  • Basketball

  • Martial Arts

  • Weightlifting

  • Baseball

  • Track & Field

  • Bodybuilding

As a coach I have also worked with:

  • Volleyball

  • Tennis

  • Lacrosse

  • Cheerleading

  • Wrestling

  • Ice Hockey

  • Swimming

  • Softball

  • Golf, Rugby

  • Gymnastics

  • Dance

My athletes compete at all levels including collegiate and professional. Today my sport career continues as a national level powerlifter and strength athlete. Nutrition has been an important component to this lifelong career of athletic performance, and even a career as a nutrition expert.


Registered Dietitians are the go to nutrition experts and Sport Dietitians specialize in fueling athletes before, during and after sports to improve performance. Access to a dietitian during my youth was never an option. Knowing the impact nutrition has in all areas of life, especially performance, I wish I had my knowledge sooner.

Fortunately for our community, we are here to give you the knowledge I wish I had as a young athlete. Every athlete who attends a nutrition performance class will gain an EDUCATION to nutrition knowledge that can be used right away to optimize performance. You will learn what is needed to fuel your body to be at your best. Most important, you will develop skills to lead a healthy and nourished life.

I have been fortunate to coach athletes at all levels with every goal imaginable. There have been plenty of highs and lows, triumphs and defeats, records broken and injuries along the way. All of it comes with the nature of sport and competition. When the big moments do happen, such as deadlifting over 3.2x your bodyweight with a trip to nationals on the line, make sure your body has what it needs to step up to the challenge.

I am here to help you fuel your body for your big moment.

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