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Why is this important for my academic future?

This is a very simple answer; participation begins and sometime ends, with your academic performance. The NCAA has only approved classes at your high school; they place their judgement on the NCAA Core Courses (Subjects).

What is the difference between Division I vs Division II eligibility?

First and foremost; if you qualify for Division I; you qualify for all Divisions. Check out our breakdown on the homepage for a detailed breakdown

- or click here to view the NCAA Official explanation for Division I and Division II

If I qualify for NCAA Participation (credits earned & GPA achieved) does this mean I can go to a college/university of my choice?

This answer is not as simple as it sounds. In short NO you are not eligible for any school if you pass the NCAA requirements. Each college/university has their own minimal requirements to be eligible to attend their school. Some schools do offer exemptions if you do not meet their unique qualifications.

Does the NCAA produce a guide for all things eligibility and requirments?

Yes they do! Here is the download for the pdf


What is the purpose of GAMEPLANS?

The NCAA Portfolio is the student-athletes pathway to participation within NCAA competition. The portfolio clearly displays ALL THE COURSES taken, which courses are being applied and the earned GPA from those classes.

What does the Student-Athlete do with the GAMEPLAN?

This is not only a guide to ensure you are on the right path to participate; this also serves as your own recruiting tool! College coaches cannot recruit you if you do not meet the requirements for the NCAA!

Why does the "Course Breakdown" not display Honors or Advanced Placement descriptions?

The NCAA only takes into account the LETTER GRADE you receive for the class. Your high school may award extra points at the end of the semester for taking those courses but the NCAA is only applying the final letter grade you earned.

Why does the "Course Breakdown" apply a higher letter grade for the entire year as opposed to the semesters? I.e. receiving a 93 (A) semester one and an 89 (B) semester two. How did I earn a 4.0 value for this course?

The NCAA will take either the entire year average, in this case 91, or they will apply semester separately; whichever gives the student-athlete the better outcome

Can I apply the same course more than one time?

You may only earn ONE TOTAL CREDIT per class; sorry you can't use Spanish I cuatro times :(

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